Monday, September 6, 2010

What is a Dog Knot?

The term dog knot pertains to different things. The dictionaries of both the formal language and the colloquial phrases had found several meanings to this term. As such, it was defined beneath altering concepts. Dog knot can be described in different points of views, and each one of them explained in an entirely different context.

A dog knot can be explained in an engineering context. In this circumstance, it is explained as an enlarged section of a pipe or a rod use to retain it in a hole. This structure can be seen inside buildings and similar edifices. Dog knots in engineering are rarely used and are not really that popular. However, it is the initial concept of this term. But then, the meaning has evolved extremely over time, with its real connotation had gone out of context.

Literally speaking, a knot is a type of knot used to be tied around a shaft or any similar construction so it will not come lose. The people who are experts in making knots definitely know how to make this one. It is quite useful in certain situations, more particularly when one needs a strong, rigid knot to tie two things together.

However, a dog knot, as people know it today, is highly related to sex. They are the term usually given to two dogs that are mating with each other. Usually, two dogs mate with the back of the bitch against that of the male dog. It is impossible to take them apart during the length of the intercourse. As such, the condition is referred to as the dog knot by many breeders and pet owners.

The biological definition of dog knot is highly related to this concept. A knot in this context is defined as the inflation of the dog's penis, which was used during the intercourse or penetration. The inflation is what causes the dog knot, which in turn, is the one that makes it hard for anybody to take the two mating dogs apart. The two dogs can only break free from each other if the inflation had toned down.

Dog knot is only applicable to the dog species. However, humans are also adapting it in referring to their own sexual relations. Dog knots, when spoken of in a human's intercourse and point of view, pertains to the act of being tied to a woman in the same way the two dogs are attached together. Aside from the back-to-back mating position, dogs can also mate with the male dog on top of the female dog. This position is the one most applicable to the knot, the human context. Humping may also be involved in such a position. This knot meaning is a part of the colloquial or slang terms, and is not used in formal writing.

The last, and maybe one of the more common associations to a dog knot, is dog poo. Oftentimes, a dog's feces are referred to as a knot because it resembles that of a pretzel. This is very true with large dogs. Some people wouldn't want to refer to the poo as what it is so they simply call it a dog knot, which the pet has left on the floor or on the ground. This meaning of a knot is highly associated to the dog's nature call. It too, is a colloquial or a slang term and is rarely used in formal cases.

The true meaning of a dog knot depends entirely on how the term was used in a sentence. There's no way to understand what it means on the mere credits of the words. They have to be used in a declarative sentence so that its meaning would be evident and its association can be clearly conveyed.

The concept of dog knots are not truly understood or accepted by many, so one should be very careful with uttering it in front of a group or another person. Because it has multiple meanings, proper discretion is required when you decide to use the term in your speech. Some people may not accept the actual meaning of this term so be sure to assess your audience first before saying it.

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